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Semester begins Monday...

A colleague and I have been working on fine-tuning this pre-fab syllabus into something a little less vanilla. Problem is that it is the product of a person whose surface is all butterflies and teddy bears, but whose lurking animus is embittered, elitist and a staunch traditionalist. About the only thing she and I share philosophically is a general dislike of the stranglehold Foucault has on our field. But that might be neither here nor there.

Upshot is, the book we're required to use for 110 is a bit on the milquetoast side, and the readings (being part of a structure) are flat enough to actually generate complaints from students that there is nothing to react to. So, I'm trying to find material to supplement the overall course (which was originally structured so that students would be exploring "academic discourse"--ugh!) and give it more teeth, some more rough edges. I'm also trying to balance between utterly uninspiring, unchallenging readings and setting the bar too high.

So far, I'm drawing on:

e-mail to the universe, Robert Anton Wilson
Anti-Intellectualism in American Life Richard Hofstadter
Commodify Your Dissent Thomas Frank and Matt Weiland
All Things Censored Mumia Abu-Jamal
Running on Emptiness John Zerzan
Indigenous American Women Devon A. Mihesuah
ABC of Reading Ezra Pound

and some online articles, including some cherry rants from Chuck D. Some of it is pretty highbrow, but I don't think giving students two-page articles culled from nothing but mainstream bourgeois journals is doing them any favours, either.

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