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This is your brain at 8 a.m.

Teaching at 8 a.m. is everything that is wrong and unholy in the world. I think I can safely say that, after the "grammar" debacle last semester, this morning was possibly the worst class I have taught, by at least a head. Fekking death march, it was.

Me: incoherent, rambling, grumpy.
Students: lumps on a log (excepting a very few of them)

Ugh. What a nightmare. An it please the gods, I'll get a little bit better at this, but prognosis is not good, considering I worked a.m. jobs in the past and never adapted to the early morning thing. Hopefully I can get them engaged as the semester goes on, and they'll forgive first impressions. If I were to characterize myself from a 1950's movie, it was less the Mad Scientist, and more his half-functional robot henchman wandering around emitting fizzles and sparks, swinging from inane to homicidal.

Suck, suck, suck the pipe.
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