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...on multiple levels. I can't seem to connect with this semester's class the way I did last semester. I'm hoping it isn't all my fault, and that there is a combination of factors such as: the fact that it's an 8a.m. Freshman Composition course; that it is a second semester 8a.m. Freshman Comp course; that my students are just generally less vocal. Eh. It's getting depressing. Two people talk, most don't even bother to attend (12 out of 22 attend regularly, meaning they haven't missed frequently), and no one is doing the reading, in spite of my use of weekly quizzes (which, btw, I hate doing).

Last semester, I was openly Devil's Advocate, and people were highly engaged--class discussion often went overtime. This lot mostly sits there. Tres frustrating, but I don't know what else to do. I've even upped the level of "questionableness" to the readings--today I handed out a transcription of George Carlin's "Seven Words" routine as a way to get the ball rolling on censorship. *sigh* I find myself missing my Fall semester kids.
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