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Sadly moribund, this community.

Haven't taught since last spring, and I am quite, quite glad for it. Freshman composition was all right, though it had its share of pointlessness; what broke me was the 304 class (Writing and Technology). Profoundly disappointed in the overall ability or willingness of students to step outside their usual modus and actually approach a new topic in a different way. I found more resistance and general mulishness in the upper classmen populating this class than I ever did amongst the newbies in first-year comp. Sad, and most frustrating.

Anyhow, I've found myself, as a result of my experiences at UMKC, reading Gerald Graff, and am about to jump into John Taylor Gatto. I'm hoping they can help me put my experiences into some kind of perspective. I don't know if this will make me willing to wade back into the teaching wilderness, but I feel the need to find salve for the wounds incurred during my first outing.
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